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Anonymous asked: Raven likes beast boys hair?


Raven stared at his head, feeling something sink into the pit of her stomach and explode. Beast Boy looked up at her with a sad, reserved expression. A long minute ticked by between them as Raven realized what she was going to have to do, and it broke her heart.

Beast Boy pouted and plopped down in the plain, wooden chair in the middle of the bathroom, mumbling curses between his teeth. “I really, really hate Red-X.”

"I know." Really, the thief had gone too far this time. Raven looked down into Beast Boy’s soft, green hair and bit back a noise of disappointment. "I’m sorry I have to do this."

"It is what it is, Raven." He pouted some more and crossed his arms over his chest, glaring at his reflection in the mirror. "He got in a lucky shot with that stupid goo. I didn’t think he’d actually get it in my hair."

Raven didn’t know what to say, and so she just turned on the hair clippers and pressed it against his scalp. Next time she saw Red-X, she was going to punch him right in the jaw.

Anonymous asked: Bbrae making out ?


He tasted faintly of of something exotic, like coconut rum and pineapple. Not entirely unlike a pina-colada or some other drink that came with fruit and an umbrella. Raven found she enjoyed the taste of that first exploratory kiss so much that she decided to go back for another one.

Her hands buried in his hair and she pulled him closer to her, nudging his mouth open. He made a noise of surprise in the back of his throat, but he seemed eager to return the gesture. Beast Boy leaned over her body, pressing her against the wall as he gingerly dipped his tongue inside her mouth, tasting her with reservation.

Raven paused trying to get used to the sensation of his tongue touching her own. It felt foreign and strange, but not unpleasant. No, not unpleasant at all. She leaned up into him, an embarrassing whimper escaping as she brought her hands to his hair, pulling him closer. He grunted in appreciation and pinned his body against hers, effectively sealing her to the wall.

Raven felt something hard press against her stomach, but she chose to ignore it. No, she would investigate that at a later date, but right now, she was far more interested in his kisses. She whimpered against his mouth, tilting her head just slightly to have better access. He seemed to enjoy the feeling, and pressed even closer to her, bringing one hand up to touch her breast through her clothing.

Raven moaned into his mouth and her hand trailed down to touch that curious hardness-

The door swung open to flood the small closet with light. Raven yanked her hands back from his body quicker than she thought imaginable, and wiped at her mouth with her wrist.

"Your seven minutes is up."

Oh. Right. This was just supposed to be a party game. Raven caught Beast Boy’s stare and blushed as they both mumbled apologies and bolted for opposite sides of the living room.

Ways We Love - Prompt #40, Knowing How (Completed)


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A/N: This list of prompts might be a hindrance. So, many to pick from! I started so many ideas and finished so few! In my head, this was going to be a couple hundred words not 1700, but que sera sera!

Thank you for all the love. It warms my heart!

Prompt: #40 – Knowing How

“You promised.” Her words were cold and simple.

Garfield sat at the kitchen table, elbows resting on his knees and head in his hands. “What was I supposed to say, Rae?” He sighed. “How am I supposed to ignore the fact that I could save hundreds of lives?”

“You didn’t have a problem looking the other way for the last 6 years.” Rachel snapped. Her back was stiff as she scrubbed the dishes from dinner. “That is what we both agreed to do, as selfish and as horrible as it sounds, we both promised.”

“We promised that both of us would we around for our kids.” He spoke reciting the vow they took when they had found out she was pregnant for the first time five years ago. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m just-”

“Putting your life in danger because you want to prove how much a big shot you still are. Right?” Rachel spat bitterly as she threw the dishrag in the sink. She leaned against the edge of the counter, taking a few deep breaths in and out.

He hung his head. He refused to take the bait and start an argument. “Can we please have this conversation without you attacking me?” He knew that if he lost his temper as well, the issue wouldn’t have a chance of being resolved.

The former Titan turned to face him, arms folded over her chest.

“You know that’s not what it’s about.” Garfield’s voice was hoarse but firm. “I’m sure that is why Nightwing is still out there, but that was never why I was out there. You know that.”

“I don’t understand,” Rachel paused, closing her eyes and trying to force her strong emotions down. “Why you are even considering this? Why now? We haven’t been Titans, superheroes, in what? All most seven years?”

He was silent.

“And now, Nightwing calls you, not to say, “Hi, how are you? How are your kids?”, he calls because he needs you for mission. He doesn’t call any other time except when it fits his agenda.” She ranted, her control was starting to fray. “And what do you tell him?”

“Rachel…” He pleaded, not wanting her to become more upset 

“You told him you would think about.” She shouted. “You have a job. You, we, have children. We have a life.”

 “Rachel, I just…”

“We’re finally normal.” Rachel yelled. “Do you know how hard we worked for that? We don’t battle with bad guys or live in a very noticeable tower that is constantly under attack, not anymore.”

Garfield closed his eyes, face pointing up the ceiling.

“We’re normal. We volunteer at the PTA bake sale, attend that monotonous company picnic at your job and make macaroni salad for the neighborhood block party. ” Rachel listed. “Why are you trying so hard to give that up?”

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Being Daddy (200 followers Drabble)

Dragonkyng asked: BB/Rae and the word is…. Fatherhood

"Goddamnit! Son of a bitch!" he hissed as he turned the tiny ikea wrench around.

He sighed as he turned to look at the instructions, reading the same sentence for the 20th time. “Turn the screw clockwise while pressing the….” He murmured under his breath before trying it again.

She watched him from the doorway, just recently in from her outing with Starfire. She knew he was going to work on the room today but she didn’t think he was going to do This much. Looking around the now completely painted blue room, she saw he put together the changing station together and moved all of the furniture where they had mapped everything to be. The two person stroller sat in the corner, completely assembled and set up. And now he was working on what looked to be the crib.

"God fucking shit damnit!" he cussed again as the thing fell a part again.

"Well, That is a string of words," she said, making her presence known to him finally. She saw him jump a little as she turned to him. She smirked, "Very colorful, really."

"Hey Rae," he smiled a bit nervously before climbing up on his feet and walking over to her. "How are you doing? You really shouldn’t be in here - the paint fumes are still fresh."

She moved away from him just as he tried to scoot her out and walked further into the room. “You’ve been busy.”

"Yeah…" He smiled meekly. "I started this morning after you left and I haven’t stopped. I mean, there’s so much to do and so little time. I mean I know we have another three months but those three months are going to fly like crazy. And then, they’re going to be here and I didn’t want them in a freshly painted room - you shouldn’t be in here, by the way -"

"Oh, I’m fine, Gar," she brushed off as she looked around. She furrowed her eyes at a white chair in the corner. "I don’t remember getting a rocking chair."

"Oh, uh… Yeah-"

"Or the wagon… Or that bouncing chair… Or a lot of this really…" She noted as she looked up at the beautifully crafted ornaments that hung from the ceiling. "Is those the mobiles we saw at-

"That one fancy baby store you liked? Yeah…" He nodded as he shuffled from foot to foot, moving around. "I just thought it would look really nice with the painted clouds we have up there. And uh- this rocking chair is really comfortable, great for late night feedings and all of that. And the wagon is for holding their toys in. At least for now. Once they get older they could pull stuff around on it and all that. And um… This thing - this is really cool…"

She watched him go around the room, talking a mile a minute. The more he talked, the more he seemed to get nervous and jittery. She saw the gravity of the situation slowly spread over his face and take over his body like a fast moving virus. He breathing became shorter and his hands started to twitch.

"…And I should really get back to putting the crib together." He finished as he turned back to his work in progress. He crotched down next to the structure and picked up the instructions, mumbling the words as he read.

Giving a gentle smile, she walked over to him and began to lightly scratch at his head. “Stop… You’ve done enough today,” she spoke softly.

"Can’t," he answered simply, too invested in his project to allow himself to cave into her caresses just yet. "I have about three months to everything ready for them. And it needs to be perfect. I can’t have them come into this world with anything less than that. I still have this crib to make and the other one. And then, I have to put up all the decorations on the walls and getter toys together and baby proof the whole house and sign up for those daddy and me classes in advance and -

"Gar," she called out to him, squeezing his shoulders and kneeling down to him, "Calm down. Everything is going to be fine."

"How do you know that? What if they don’t like me? What if they hate me? What if I’m not a good enough dad, Rae? Or worse, what if they love me and then something happens and I’m not here and all I can leave them with is this!" He cried, tossing down his screw driver in frustration. His eyes glistened and shone with tears as he balled his fists, his feelings bubbling over. "This room and those mobiles and the stoller and the toys and these blasted cribs! So this has to be perfect. Because what if this is it? What if this is all I can give them, Rae?"

His body shook as he bent over, burying his face in his hands as he cried. Raven’s fingers ran through his hair, in attempt to soothe her husband. Caving in, he leaned into her chest and cried into it, soaking her shirt with his tears. He wrapped his arms around her back and held tight.

"What if I’m not there for them, Rae? What if it’s not good enough?" He wept into her chest.

She felt her heart break for him as he cried. She knew that it was his biggest fear - not being there for his children - for the twins. On more than one occasion has he woken up in a panic after having a nightmare about dying in battle and leaving the children with little to no memory of him.

It was the reason why they were all giving up their lives as super heroes and devoting themselves to a life of normalcy and parenthood.

They sat there together for a while, just holding each other. But suddenly, the crying stopped and he slowly let go of her, pulling back so that he was face to face with her round belly. He put his hand on her stomach and kissed it softly.

"Daddy loves you - both of you. And he promises this room is going to be perfect when you get here." He murmured before he sat up and went back to the crib.

Raven tilted her head at him in worry, still caressing the back of his head. “Gar…”

"The paint is still wet," he replied, picking up his wrench and looking over at the instructions. He read them silently before he stood up and held out his hands to her, "You shouldn’t be in here breathing all these paint fumes."

She nodded before giving him her hands and standing up. After he helped her up, he kissed her softly and walked her out for the room.

"I love you…" She said just as she walked out of the room, turning to him. He smiled and kissed her lips softly.

"I love you too, Rae," he breathed into the kiss before pulling back.

"Trying not to physical attack the crib?"

He laughed a little, the old Beast Boy etching onto his features. “No promises there.”

She watched him go back inside to the room to the crib. He sighed as he looked at it before he crouched down and went to work at it. She smiled to herself and rubbed her belly that harbored two lives within it.

"You guys are gonna be so lucky. Your dad loves you so much," she whispered to her stomach with a soft smile. "I can’t wait for you guys to meet him."

"Fucking shit!"

"But I really hope he cleans up his language by that point…"