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Majority of what you see here will be BBRAE, Teen Titans, Young Justice, basically anything DC universe related, and fandom stuff.


I wonder if beast boy ever made an “i can take you down with my bare hands” statement and then literally turned his hands into bear hands and took someone out

  • Superman: I still can't believe they shot at me.
  • Batman: Clark, you're bulletproof


One of my favorite things is to go back and rewatch the first meetings of my favorite ships, cuz you get to be like “YEAH THAT’S THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE RIGHT THERE.  YES THAT ONE. THE ONE YOU THINK YOU HATE RIGHT NOW.”

Hey guys! Still have three more “200 followers thank you”drabbles! I haven’t forgotten! Just busy and I still have yet to fix my computer. So everything I do is on my phone. Plus also you guys came up with some doozies! Red X and whoever, bbrae and bonkers, and bbrae carnivals… I’m having difficulty coming up with ideas for them (carnivals I do have an idea for though but that’s going to be something special 😜). Anyway, I haven’t forgotten. Just busy, dead computer, and creativity juice is at a low. But I’m working on it!