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She thought it was Beast Boy the whole time. (For thekingcold, even though this a TTG only blog but TT is the original and best.)

What I thought was interesting was that the other Titans didn’t seem surprised by his behavior. Not even Raven. They acted like it was normal.



So guess who just spent 5 hours doing this?!?! :DDDD BUT SO WORTH ITTTTT!!!!!

I wanted to do a fantasy AU for Teen Titans after I posted this post:

So here it is! MY TEEN TITANS FANTASY AU!!! n_n it would be fun to get some people to hop on board with me! Just think of all the cool fanfics and arts we could do!!! *0*

nikanono doodled some of these designs ( ) and I just redrew them and colored them here! I changed them up slightly but most of the designs for starfire, Cyborg and Robin come from her!!!! :D thank you for inspiring me!!! Xoxoxoxo

Hope you all enjoy! I wanna see some arts guys! :’)

“If there is a magic in story writing, and I am convinced there is, no one has ever been able to reduce it to a recipe that can be passed from one person to another.”

– John Steinbeck (via maxkirin)



i like crossovers but i really like the idea of dc and marvel being fictional in eachothers worlds like the teen titans are gonna go see the avengers at the movies tomorrow on their day out and then beast boys gonna do his best hulk impression all day meanwhile a universe over the young avengers are passing around the lastest batman issue and arguing about who could take batman in a fight

i love this too it is my Headcanon

Summer Beach Read (Part Twelve - The End)


This stupid, ridiculous, damnable Garden Party

Raven crossed her arms and stood under a small gazebo as her eyes darted through the crowd for any person who might not be a terrible conversation partner. She could see some celebrity socialites - no. There were mid-thirties yuppies - double no. A few professional athletes - what in the world would they talk about? And then there was just the normal, middle-age crowd of rich philanthropists who only donated money to come out to see the Titans and ogle them - Raven would rather let her demon run free than deal with that nonsense

She paused as her eyes slid over the unmistakable clover-green skin, and a small smile graced her lips as she watched him from her secluded spot.

Raven thought he cleaned up surprisingly well for a person who transformed into a multitude of animals, including a pig. He looked tall in his black suit and deep blue button down. In fact (if no one was listening to her thoughts), Raven might say he looked… almost sexy. His hair was still a bit of a mess, chunks of it falling into his bright-green eyes, and his face still had that mischievous, boyish grin, but it only added to the overall appeal.

Raven blushed at that thought and quickly pushed it from her mind. Did she find him appealing? Certainly attractive, and equally arousing, but appealing…?

Well, maybe. It was hard to say at this point anyway. 

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Seriously, Rugrats was not fucking around.

People don’t give Rugrats enough credit for how progressive it was. I mean think about it.

  • Chuckie, for most of the series is raised by a single father
  • Angelica’s mother was a high ranking corporate executive
  • Phil and Lil’s mom was a feminist 
  • She also breastfed them (which the show actually depicted)
  • Tommy is half-Jewish and the show actually explored this part of his heritage

Seriously, this show was fucking amazing!! They just don’t make ‘em like this anymore….

Also don’t forget that Chuckie had an interracial family after the second movie.

How are you guys forgetting Susie? I mean her mom was a doctor and her dad was a writer for a famous Children’s TV show. Not to mention Kimmie was anything BUT submissive.

Remember when they had episodes that hit hard to issues kids might be dealing with? Chuckie only had his Dad on Mothers Day, Tommy had to deal with being outshadowed by a new baby brother, Phil and Lil were constantly being mixed up and then they had a couple episodes where they each found that even as a twin they were their own people.
Man Rugrats was the shit.